BEee HAPPeeee!!

BEee HAPPeeee!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Love is our law and peace is our language

We learn more in the process of fighting against all odds
(through them we discover the essence of life!)

Education is our treasure and character is its measure

Character and character alone is our ornament

Experience is our school of learning

Faith is our foundation

Inner soul is our director

Hard work is daily tonic for our progress

Self-realization and consciousness are goals of our spiritual life

Happiness is our drug that improves health

Love is our law, peace is our language, and humanity is our religion

Mother is our GOD and the GOD is present in everyone of us

Nature is our best friend; let's take care of Her always

Hurdles are our lessons

Prayers are the paths to heaven

Patience, politeness, understanding are our strengths
Jai motherIndia


Monday, March 28, 2011

MS: A goddess of Indian Classical Music


- a vocal symbol of national integration

- sung in many Indian languages:

- Devotional albums:
(zillions of views in youtube)
* Sri Venkateswara (Balaji) Suprabhatam
* Bhaja Govindam
* Vishnu Sahasranamam
* Meera Bhajans .. so on.

- Hundreds of concerts in India and abroad (includes UNO concert)

- Silver screen appearance:
- Savitri (role of 'Narada')
- Rajasthani saint-poetess Meera (1947)
More @ :

- Documentary (narration in English and Tamil)


* The musical legend M.S.Subbulakshmi - Swararchana

- Books:

M.S - A life in music by TJS George

- Lakshmi Vishwanathan

M.S.Subbulakshmi - the voice divine
- V.Gangadhar

M.S. The queen of music
- The music academy, Madras.

Past forward
- Gowri Ramnarayan

M.S.: Vaazhve Sangeedham (a biographical sketch of M.S.Subbulakshmi)
- Veeyesvee (in Tamil)


More details @

Friday, March 25, 2011

Namma Bengaluru

Day by day, our city (every city, for that matter!!) is becoming more and more insecure.

You can find countably finite examples in news papers to justify the above statement. Here are some important precautions:

* Always carry your ID card and address proof with you.

* When you are roaming in the city, be alert and take necessary precautions against theft, pick pocketing, etc.

* Do not display your jewelery and valuables and invite trouble.

* Keep a watch on your belongings. In your absence, make sure that they are taken care by a person well known to you.

* Book your tickets through an authorized travel agency.

* Park your vehicle only at places notified or marked for parking. Park it at a place in such a way that your parking will not obstruct other moving vehicles or pedestrians.

* While shopping buy only genuine goods from well known shops and obtain bills.

* In an emergency, notify police (Phone: 100)

Wishing you a very enjoyable and safe travel in the city,



* Source:

About Bangalore in Brief

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Anamorphosic Image of Sri JRD TATA

(Please do *NOT* touch!)

Amazingly awesome!
Wonderfully Beautiful (or)
Beautifully wonderful!!

It is present in J.R.D.Tata memorial library of Indian Institute of Science, in the First floor.
If you do not see it, Hurry up!

* Source:

* Also see more images available there!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Funds for Japan Earthquake Relief

18th March at Trio World School (TWS) was both a celebration of Holi and a recognition of the terrible hardship being experienced by the people of Japan.

Details @


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Forests: Lungs of the mother Earth

Forests are the lungs of the mother Earth. Not only do they purify the air we breathe, forests store carbon, help in maintaining global climate as well as the most unique plant and animal spices and support a diversity of life forms.


* Hundreds of acres of forests are being cleared and burned.
* Water resources are drying up and tons of soil is lost due to erosion.
* Flash floods and landslides are causing loss of life.

There is no more time to waste as time is fast running out.

The time to act is now – much like DO or DIE situation.

Go ahead and plant trees (life-givers and savers) !!



* It is believed that an area of forest 4 times the size of Swiss disappears every year.

* Earlier in the last century there were about 50000 tigers in mother India, but there are now
less than 2000!(similar disappointing numbers for other animal species)

* 40% of the land on mother Earth was covered with forest last century... now it is less than
30% and decreasing fast.

* Forest lands in developing countries have declined to half the original.

* In Srilanka the elephant population has been reduced to zero.

* Deforestation causes 20% of all carbon pollution causing global climate change.

* Almost 50% of the logging in forests is illegal.

* A minimum of 140 plant and animal species are condemned to extinction each day.

* About 30 million acres of forests are cleared globally every year!.

* For every plant species that becomes extinct unto 30 dependent animals and insects die.

* A 50 year old tree generates oxygen, shelter for birds and animals worth a billion $ over its life time.

* 50% of wood cut worldwide that is made into paper products.


Prayers are not enough!!

Everyone of us should do something to control the loss of green-life; And hence, our lives.

Jai Green!
Jai Forests!!
Jai mother Earth!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let Us Pray For A Safe and Peaceful Universe!

Peace invocation from Vedas and Upanishads

Text of PEACE:

May peace radiate there in the whole sky as well as in the vast ethereal space everywhere.

May peace reign all over this earth, in water and in all herbs, trees and creepers.

May peace flow over the whole universe.

May peace be in the Supreme Being Brahman.

And may there always exist in all peace and peace alone.

Om peace, peace and peace to us and all beings!

Mantra in Devanagari:

ॐ द्यौ: शान्तिरन्तरिक्षँ शान्ति:

पृथिवी शान्तिराप: शान्तिरोषधय: शान्ति: ।

वनस्पतय: शान्तिर्विश्वे देवा: शान्तिर्ब्रह्म शान्ति:

सर्वँ शान्ति: शान्तिरेव शान्ति: सा मा शान्तिरेधि ॥

ॐ शान्ति: शान्ति: शान्ति: ॥


Om dyauḥ śāntirantarikṣaṁ śāntiḥ

pṛthivī śāntirāpaḥ śāntiroṣadhayaḥ śāntiḥ

vanaspatayaḥ śāntirviśvedevāḥ śāntirbrahma śāntiḥ

sarvaṁ śāntiḥ śāntireva śāntiḥ

sā mā śāntiredhi

Om śāntiḥ, śāntiḥ, śāntiḥ



Trigger of motivation: Dr.S.Mishra


"Green (Nature) is life"


Let us also chant the following Sanskrit hymn:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pondicherry/Puducherry...Simply Pondy!



Spandana: Feeling the Pulsation of a Divine Language

One Week Intensive Course on Sanskrit

June 5th to 12th, 2011

> More Details:

Dr. Sampadananda Mishra
Director, SAFIC.



* Sri Ganesh Temple
(do *NOT* miss the opportunity to get blessings from elephant madam LAKSHMI. She has been in the service of GOD for several years!)


* Sri Aurobindo Ashram and society, and nearby book stalls etc.

* School for perfect eye sight

* AUROVILLE village

* Sri Aurobindo Hand-made Paper mill

many more..!


> More details:

Monday, March 14, 2011

విజయం నీదే మిత్రమా! ఎల్లప్పుడూ !

ఓ మిత్రమా!
నా మనో నేత్ర ప్రతిబింబమా!
రేపన్నది మాపన్నది
తలపులకు చిక్కనిది అర్థంకానిది
దిగులుపడక ప్రతిక్షణం
పదుగురితో ఆనందాన్ని
పంచుకొంటూ పెంచుకొంటూ
కష్టాలను చిరునవ్వుతో
అలుపెరగని బాటసారివై
జీవితాన్ని సాగించు.
విజయం నీదే మిత్రమా!

- lsnbsquare



Thanks A Ton to All Mighty NIT frIends:!)

Let our eyes glow and 'N'joy by the beauty of green NIT campus:)

Campus Motto :

Let's make our campus greener than the greenest!!:)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A man with awesome 'spin' in hands and 'humanity' at heart!

INspirINg cricketer and human being:


No single cricketer has meant more to the fortunes of his national side than this magician with a perennial smile to Sri Lanka. Before his debut, Sri Lanka managed two wins in 38 Tests. Muralitharan has since orchestrated 54 wins, claiming more than 40 per cent of his team's wickets in victories. In deciding that his farewell Test would be at Galle against the world's Number 1 Test side, he sportingly set himself the challenge of having to bag eight wickets to scale Mount 800. He did exactly that — and set up an emphatic win.


*A small video dedicated to murali fanz:


But his influence has transcended cricket. He has borne the responsibility of representation with lightness, humour, and simplicity, remaining a conciliatory presence in an often strife-torn nation. Not content with being a symbol, Murali has embraced humanitarian work. He has driven the Foundation of Goodness's project to rebuild more than a thousand houses spread over 24 villages that were hit by the tsunami in 2004. He has also committed himself to a project in Mankulam that seeks to use sport as a medium for alleviating poverty. The cricket world will salute one of the greatest bowlers of all time. Society will cherish this Tamil of recent Indian origin as an upstanding human being whose very presence has united people.

(Imp: Philanthropy Section)

Need for Millions of Muralis!!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Aum Sri TATA devaya Namaha!:)

King of Fruits: Mango

Graffiti of Tree branches on Sky!:)

Tree : A 'green' bridge between sky and earth:)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SaiNaTh's SnT run:)

A BIT painful but a GIGA BYTE enjoyable.


I to the I to the S to the C..IISc. It was in IISC:)

Long live Science
Long live Technology
Long live Green
Love live Cool Breeze
Long live IISc!!

Each and every step in life is painful from a femto level(small) to EXA level(BIG). No one is exception from this.

A MOTHER carrying a baby for 9 months(the 9-LIFE) is a good example.
May GOD bless all MOTHERS with all energy existing in HIM.


Relax 'N' See With Broadband Smile:)

When our vision is normal, we may not notice the wonder of our eyesight;
But when it deteriorates, suddenly we become aware of the importance of perfect

Q. Is there a natural way to improve defective vision? and
restore it to normal?

The answer is, fortunately, a STRONG YES, says
a pioneer in the field of holistic eye care.


Because everyday life strains our eyes, the eye muscles get weakened and
our vision declines.
But just as other muscles of the body can be strengthened through proper
exercises, so the eye muscles can become strong and healthy again.

By gently relaxing stretching and strengthening the eye muscles, we
improve their health and thus improve our vision.


The School for Perfect Eye Sight at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India, uses combined naturopathy with the Bates method ( and the integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo. The school aims at bringing to his patients
perfect eye sight in a natural way.



>More details:

Yoga of Perfect Sight
Dr. R.S.Agarwal

Friday, March 4, 2011

ఓం శక్తి నమో శక్తి (Om Sakti namO Sakti)


ఓం శక్తి నమో శక్తి
ఓం శక్తి ఆదిశక్తి
ఓం శక్తి పరాశక్తి
ఓం శక్తి ప్రాణశక్తి
ఓం శక్తి శివశక్తి
ఓం శక్తి దివ్యశక్తి
ఓం శక్తి జగదాంబ
ఓం శక్తి లలితాంబ
ఓం శక్తి ప్రసూనంబ
ఓం శక్తి భ్రమరాంబ
ఓం శక్తి శారదాంబ
ఓం శక్తి మహేశ్వరి
ఓం శక్తి పరమేశ్వరి
ఓం శక్తి ఛాముండేశ్వరి
ఓం శక్తి భువనేశ్వరి
ఓం శక్తి రాజరాజేశ్వరి
ఓం శక్తి శాంభవి
ఓం శక్తి ఉమా శంకరి
ఓం శక్తి శివశంకరి
ఓం శక్తి గౌరి శంకరి
ఓం శక్తి శుభంకరి
ఓం శక్తి జగజ్జనని
ఓం శక్తి కామాక్షి
ఓం శక్తి మీనాక్షి
ఓం శక్తి విశాలాక్షి
ఓం శక్తి అన్నపూర్ణ
ఓం శక్తి సరస్వతి
ఓం శక్తి మహాలక్ష్మి
ఓం శక్తి పార్వతి
ఓం శక్తి కనక దుర్గ
ఓం శక్తి మహా కాళి
ఓం శక్తి భద్రకాళి
ఓం శక్తి రుద్రకాళి
ఓం శక్తి హ్రీంకాళి
ఓం శక్తి క్లీంకాళి
ఓం శక్తి మహిషాసురమర్ధిని
ఓం శక్తి కాత్యాయణి
ఓం శక్తి దాక్షాయణి
ఓం శక్తి దుర్గాభవాని
ఓం శక్తి శివజ్యోతి
ఓం శక్తి భూదేవి
ఓం శక్తి శ్రీదేవి
ఓం శక్తి మహామాయే
ఓం శక్తి శివానందలహరి
ఓం శక్తి సౌందర్యలహరి
ఓం శక్తి త్రిపురసుందరి
ఓం శక్తి పరాత్పరి
ఓం శక్తి వైష్ణవి
ఓం శక్తి భార్గవి
ఓం శక్తి వాగ్దేవి
ఓం శక్తి లాస్యప్రియ
ఓం శక్తి ఛండీప్రియ
ఓం శక్తి శివాని
ఓం శక్తి శార్వాణి
ఓం శక్తి ప్రణవరూపిణి
ఓం శక్తి దయామయి
ఓం శక్తి అమృతానందమయి
ఓం శక్తి గాయత్రి
ఓం శక్తి సావిత్రి
ఓం శక్తి రమాదేవి
ఓం శక్తి మోక్షప్రదాయిని
ఓం శక్తి నమోనమః నమోనమః నమోనమః !!


Om Sakti namO Sakti
Om Sakti AdiSakti
Om Sakti parASakti
Om Sakti prANaSakti
Om Sakti SivaSakti
Om Sakti divyaSakti
Om Sakti jagadAmba
Om Sakti lalitAMba
Om Sakti prasUnaMba
Om Sakti BhramarAMba
Om Sakti SAradAmba
Om Sakti mahESwari
Om Sakti paramESwari
Om Sakti rAjarAjESwari
Om Sakti SAMbhavi
Om Sakti umA Sankari
Om Sakti SivaSankari
Om Sakti gowri Sankari
Om Sakti SubhaMkari
Om Sakti jagajjanani
Om Sakti kAmAkshi
Om Sakti meenAkshi
Om Sakti viSAlAkshi
Om Sakti annapUrNa
Om Sakti saraswati
Om Sakti mahAlakshmi
Om Sakti pArvati
Om Sakti kanaka durga
Om Sakti mahA kALi
Om Sakti BhadrakALi
Om Sakti rudrakALi
Om Sakti hrIMkALi
Om Sakti klIMkALi
Om Sakti mahishAsuramardhini
Om Sakti kAtyAyaNi
Om Sakti dAkshAyaNi
Om Sakti durgAbhavAni
Om Sakti SivajyOti
Om Sakti bhUdEvi
Om Sakti SrIdEvi
Om Sakti mahAmAyE
Om Sakti SivAnaMdalahari
Om Sakti soundaryalahari
Om Sakti tripurasumdari
Om Sakti parAtpari
Om Sakti vaishNavi
Om Sakti bhArgavi
Om Sakti vAgdEvi
Om Sakti lAsyapriya
Om Sakti CHamDIpriya
Om Sakti ChAmumDESwari
Om Sakti BhuvanESwari
Om Sakti SivAni
Om Sakti SArvANi
Om Sakti praNavarUpiNi
Om Sakti dayAmayi
Om Sakti amRtAnamdamayi
Om Sakti gAyatri
Om Sakti sAvitri
Om Sakti ramAdEvi
Om Sakti mOkshapradAyini
Om Sakti namOnama@h namOnama@h namOnama@h !!

అష్టాదశ శక్తిపీఠాలు (Astadasa Shakthi petalu) :

Saraswati (Kashmira):
Sri nagar
On Hari parbat
Sri chakreswari temple.

Visalakshi (Varanasi):
Uttar pradesh
Near Annapurna temple.

Madhaveswari /Alopi:
Uttar pradesh
Near Akshay vat.

Vaishnavi (Jwala):
Himachal pradesh
Kangra district

Kamakhya (Harikshetra):
Near Gauhati
On Neelachal hills.

Shrinkhala (Pradyumna):
West bengal
Hugli district

Mangala gauri (Gaya):
Near Chand chaura
On Mangal gouri hill.

Bhiraja /Girija (Odhyana):
Jaj pur district
Jaj pur
Bhiraja temple.

Maha Lakshmi (Kolhapur):

Ekaveera (Mayura)
Nanded district
Near Mahur
Ekaveera temple.

Maha kali (Ujjaini):
Madhya pradesh
Garh Kali temple

Jogulamba (Alampur):
Andhra pradesh.
Near Kurnool

Bhramaramba (Srisailam):
Andhra pradesh

Puruhutika devi (Pithapuram):
Andhra pradesh
Near Kakinada
Kukkuteshwara temple.

Andhra pradesh
Near Rajahmundry

Chamundeswari (Krouncha pattana):
On Chamundi hills.

Near Chenni

Sankari (Lanka):
Thirukkoneswaram temple.


శాంకరి / త్రింకోమలి [శ్రీలంక ]
భ్రమరాంబ / శ్రీశైలం [ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ ]
మహాకాళి / ఉజ్జయిని [మధ్యప్రదేశ్ ]
జోగులాంబ / అలంపూర్ [ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ ]
ఏకవీర / మాహూర్ [మహారాష్ట్ర ]
మాణిక్యాంబ / ద్రాక్షారామం[ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ ]
మహాలక్ష్మి / కొల్హాపూర్ [మహారాష్ట్ర ]
పురుహూతికా / పిఠాపురం [ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ ]
గిరిజ‌ / బిరజ‌ [ఒరిస్సా ]
కామరూపిణి / గౌహతి [అస్సాం ]
మంగళ గౌరి / గయ‌ [బీహార్ ]
కామాక్షి / కంచి [తమిళనాడు ]
వైష్ణవి / జ్వాలాముఖి [హిమాచల్ ప్రదేశ్ ]
శృంఖ‌ల [పశ్చిమ బెంగాల్ ]
సరస్వతి / శారిక / శ్రీనగర్ [జమ్ము & కాశ్మీర్ ]
మాధవేశ్వరి / లలిత / ప్రయాగ / అలహాబాద్ [ఉత్తరప్రదేశ్ ]
చాముండేశ్వరి / మైసూర్ [కర్ణాటక ]
విశాలాక్షి / వారణాశి [ఉత్తరప్రదేశ్ ]

More Info:


Thursday, March 3, 2011

హర హర మహాదేవ శంభో శంకరా!(hara hara mahAdEva SaMbhO SaMkarA!)

Dwadasa Jyotirlingas:


1. Somanath- Sri Somanatheshwar
2. Nag nath- Sri Nageshwar


3. Parli- Sri Vaidyanadeshwar(Vaijnath)
4. Nasik- Sri Thriyambakeshwar
5. Ghrishneshwar(near Daulatabad)- Sri Ghrishneshwar

Andhra Pradesh

6. Srisailam- Sri Mallikarjunudu
7. Draksharamam- Sri Bhimasankaram


8. Rameshwaram- Sri Ramalingeshwarudu

Uttar Pradesh

9. Varanasi- Sri Vishweshwar
10. Kedarnath(Rishikesh)

Madhya pradesh

11. Ujjain- Sri Mahakaleshwar
12. Omkareshwar- Sri Omkareshwar

హర హర మహాదేవ శంభో శంకరా!
లోకాలనేలే శివా
నన్ను బ్రోవగ రావా!

కందర్ప దర్ప సంహారా
లయ కారా
ఓంకార నాద స్వరూపా
లోకాలనేలే శివా
నన్ను బ్రోవగ రావా!

శతసహస్ర రవితేజ
తాండవ నృత్యప్రియ
గంగాధరా చంద్రకళాధరా
లోకాలనేలే శివా
నన్ను బ్రోవగ రావా!

నాగాభరణ ధరా
లోకాలనేలే శివా
నన్ను బ్రోవగ రావా!

శ్రీగణేశ సుబ్రహ్మణ్య పితా
లోకహితా జగత్ప్రభూ
బ్రహ్మమురారిసురార్చిత దేవతా
శ్రీ ఆంజనేయా
లోకాలనేలే శివా
నన్ను బ్రోవగ రావా!

సత్యం శివం సుందరం
శివానందలహరి పరమానంద భరితం
జీవితమనే పరమపథసోపాన పటములో
మోక్షమనే నిచ్చెన ప్రసాదించే భక్తిరస గమ్యం.


hara hara mahAdEva SaMbhO SaMkarA!
lOkAlanElE SivA
nannu brOvaga rAvA!

kandarpa darpa saMhArA
laya kArA
OmkAra nAda swarUpA
lOkAlanElE SivA
nannu brOvaga rAvA!

Sata sahasra ravitEja
tAmDava nRtyapriya
gangAdharA chandrakaLAdharA
lOkAlanElE SivA
nannu brOvaga rAvA!

nAgAbharaNa dharA
lOkAlanElE SivA
nannu brOvaga rAvA!

SrIgaNESa subrahmaNya pitA
lOkahitA jagatprabhU
brahmamurArisurArchita dEvatA
SrI AnjanEyA
lOkAlanElE SivA
nannu brOvaga rAvA!

satyam Sivam sundaram
SivAnandalahari paramAnanda bharitam
jeevitamanE paramapathasOpAna paTamulO
mOkshamanE niccHena prasAdinchE bhaktirasa gamyam


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


A few ways to reduce carbon footprints:

* Ring in the new light
- From traditional bulbs to CFLs
(Huge saving-more than 10,000 MW of electricity!)

* Contribute to some greenery
- Let us cultivate a garden or at least maintain a few
plants around our house/apartments

* Drive electric vehicles - When you are traveling long
- This keeps the air clean and works out economical.
For smaller distances the cycle or a brisk walk is helpful for body fitness

* Turn towards the SUN for energy-By going solar.
Choose solar power to heat water. Try the solar oven. Switch on solar lantern
when there is power failure of load-shedding

* Turn of Computers - When you stop working
When you leave the computer active in standby mode, there is consumption
of power and an increase of carbon emissions.

* Buy only energy saving appliances
Look for sticker with RED*s.
The more no *s indicates lower power consumption.
With washing machines always wash a full load to get more clothes cleaned
using the same power
Ask and buy Eco-friendly washing powder.

* Buying a new house or apartment
Go for Eco-friendly and save 30% energy costs.

* Say a strong NO to plastic bags
Go to shopping with your own cloth bag.

* Go gentle on paper, use email
Reduce use of paper consumption

This magic cycle can fetch great results.

For better results, spread out these to as many of your mighty friends,
neighbours as possible - to create much better and healthy environment.


Poetry Book-
If you cut a tree; you cut your own mother (Poems on Mother Nature, Environment, Wildlife, Global Warming)- by Nikhil Parekh