BEee HAPPeeee!!

BEee HAPPeeee!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Sri Ganeshaya Namaha

Maharashtra is famous for Sri Ganesh temples. Ganapatipule beach temple is one of them. During my stay in Navi Mumbai(June 2007-Dec 2008), Our team at RCOM visited this place.

Some nice pics below:)

* source:

(courtesy: Udayan Sir, Core network head, RCOM)


"Spiritual interest matters!"


A devotional song :

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pseudo Mirror:)

Hi Friends,

Bored with hectic electromechanical life?
No clue what to do?
Taking lot of time to proceed in work?

The following may help you. I call it Pseudo Mirror:). This may resemble ORKUT stuff or FACEBOOK stuff. But, Pseudo Mirror is beyond all that. Fill it honestly and take printout(hardcopy), keep with you as a good self-reference.

Keep looking at it, at least once in a day. It certainly helps you to manage your time more effectively.

Please Note: For all the entries, try to include valid reasons. They certainly help you to assess your taste, interests, character..etc. altogether, your personality.


Name with Meaning:

Born in:

I live in:

I am proud to be:

Address, E_Address for communication(Physical and logical):

Are you happy with the above address? If not, which address you like?
Plan to achieve that.

Education(current and expected):

Profession(current and expected):




Favorite Tree:

Favorite Flower:

Favorite person(s):
(Give some reasons, if possible.)

Favorite moments (in life):
(Moments which gave you several broadband smiles and wide band laughs::)))

Favorite Books:
(very important to spend time effectively.)

Favorite Building(s):
(current and expected or dream home:))

Favorite City and Village:

Favorite Colors:

Favorite Educator:

Favorite Equations:

Favorite Job:

Favorite Letter:

Favorite Laws:

Favorite Musical Instrument:

Favorite Sports:

Favorite Games:

Favorite Logo:

Favorite Lyrics:

Favorite Meal(or food):

Favorite Principles:

Favorite Sculpture:

Favorite Song(s):

Favorite Speech(es):

Favorite Spots/places:

Favorite TV Channel(s) and TV Show(s):

Favorite ad:

About life:
(very very important!)

Top 10 goals in your life:
(Most important)

Other info (such as a 100-line personal and professional autobiography):


Yours 'Broadband' smilingly and
'Wideband' Laughingly,


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Writing is an Art!

Some useful tips for writing

* The problem is to communicate idea.
First, you must have something to say, you must organize what you want to say,
and you must arrange it in the order you want it said in, you must write it, and re-write it several times.
You must be willing to think hard about and work hard on mechanical details such as diction, notation, and punctuation.

* Say something
To have something to say is by far the most important ingredient of good exposition
-- so much so that if the idea is important enough, the work has a chance to be immortal even if it is confusingly misorganized and awkwardly expressed.

* Speak to someone and write for someone

* Organize First
To organize a subject means to decide what the main heading and subheadings are, what goes under each, and what are connections among them.
A diagram of the organization is a graph, very likely a tree, but almost certainly not a chain.

* Think about the alphabet
Invest an hour or two of thought in the alphabet: you'll find it saves headaches later.
A good consistent notation can be a tremendous help.
Good notation has a kind of alphabetical harmony and avoids dissonance.

* Write in spirals
According to spiral plan the chapters get written and re-written in the order 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

* Organize always
It goes like this. Begin with whatever you have chosen as your basic concept-love, say-- and do right by it: motivate it, define it, give example, and give counter examples.

* Write good English
Good English style implies correct grammar, correct choice of words, correct punctuation, and perhaps above all, common sense.
An author must have thorough mastery of the grammar and vocabulary of that language as well as of the vernacular.
The only way to learn it is to live with it for years.

* Honesty is the best policy
Clarity is what's wanted, not pedantry;
Understanding, not fuss.

* Down with the irrelevant and the trivial

* Do and do not repeat
One sense in which repetition is frequently regarded as a device of good teaching is that the oftener you say the same thing, in exactly the same words, or else
with slight differences each time, the more likely you are to drive point to home.
Another sense in which repetition is bad is summed up in the short and only partially inaccurate precept: never repeat a proof.

* Use words correctly
The general rule is to use the words of logic and mathematics correctly.
Replace "any" by "each" or "every", or recast the whole sentence.

* Use technical terms correctly
Avoid technical terms, and especially the creation of new ones, whenever possible.
Think hard about the new ones that you must create; consult Roget's thesaurus; and make them as appropriate as possible.
Use the old ones correctly and consistently but with a minimum of obtrusive pedantry.

* Resist symbols

* Use symbols correctly

* Content, aim and organization, plus the vitally important details of grammar, diction, and notation
- they are the essential ingredients of good lectures, as well good books


* source:

How to write Mathematics
by P. R. Halmos

Math: Life of nature and nature of life

It is highly difficult to human minds to understand complex models and phenomena in nature. They demand exceptional imaginative, analytical and reasoning skills.

For instance, as many of us know, several natural phenomena can be modeled as differential equations (ordinary, partial, integro-differential, stochastic,.. ,so on!).

Newton's apple, simple pendulum, periodic table, coin tossing, Einestein's relativity are some good examples:)

Several special functions, like, Bessel, Legendre polynomials, Chebyshev polynomials etc. are solutions of differential equations.

"So, Math implies
life of nature
and nature of life."

- Srinivasa Ramanujan

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

'Quotable' Quotes!

1. Purity, Patience and Perseverance are all essentials of success;
and above all LOVE.

2. You are the best of the best when you achieve great things against all odds and even when there are a few or no opportunities.

3. Self-confidence plays a vital role in every successful person. Several great people's stories are good examples.

4. Take responsibility on your shoulders and work like a leader but not like a slave.

5. Balance your working time and rest time to keep yourself fit and healthy.

6. Right dharma, Right wealth, Right desire, and, the ultimate liberation(Moksha) are the four goals of life.

7. United we rise to the zenith of success, Divided we fall to the valley point of defeat.

8. a) Achieve ultimate physical health by controlling your food habits, quitting bad habits and doing proper exercise.

b) Achieve great intellectual health with the help of right knowledge. Share your knowledge.

c) Love parents, teachers, and grateful towards your mighty friends. Achieve spiritual strength by practicing meditation, yoga, pranayam, offering prayers to the almighty.

9. Like internet, we need omnipresent 'human' nets(thousands of 'like' minded and kind-hearted people need for this!) meant for social service to eradicate poverty, illiteracy, corruption and other social problems existing from rural level to global level

10. Sri Hanumanji is an ideal role model for youth.

- Swami Vivekananda

Very Best wishes for National youth day!!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Life: A 'scream' for happiness!

There is no 'Cognitive' rocket philosophy.

Life is a time period between an accidental birth
and inevitable death. In that period, we cry for happiness all the time.

We do all 'circus' or 'adventures' and play all sorts of roles(good, bad and ugly) for that(happiness).


I am happy when my parents are happy
I am happy when my teachers are happy
I am happy when my friends are happy
I am happy when everyone and everything around me is happy

So happiness lies in making your 'dear' ones and 'near'
(not physically; irrespective of Euclidean distance) ones happy.

And the above all,


An awesome song on 'life' philosophy!


When there is faith, that means there is love and peace.

When there is love and peace, that means there is happiness.

When there is happiness, there is life. Let us always target that life.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sri 'Ramana'Krishna Paramahamsa

A jewel of wisdom in 'human' form
An immortal rishi
Ramana Maharshi!

To me,
he is
Sri RamanaKrishna Paramahamsa
from south!
~Cousin of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

mana aruNAchala Rshi
ramaNa maharshi
amUlya j~nAna maNi maya maharshi
A mahaneeyuna ku naa manassumAnjali

మన అరుణాచల ఋషి
రమణ మహర్షి
అమూల్య జ్ఞాన మణిమయ మహర్షి
ఆ మహనీయునకు నా మనస్సుమాంజలి




"endarO mahAnubhAvulu andarikI
SatasahasrAdhika vamdanamulu"

"ఎందరో మహానుభావులు
అందరికీ వందనములు"