BEee HAPPeeee!!

BEee HAPPeeee!!

Friday, December 31, 2010


Dear All,

I Wish You, Your Family, Your Teachers, Friends, Trees, Pets..etc.(:)) a very happy, prosperous and successful new year!!

With 'Zillions' of Thanks and Best Regards,

Wellwishingly Yours,


'N'joy the following awesome video songs of my 'heart' video library:)

Many many thanks to original uploaders. I wish them very happy new year!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Business 'Chanakya' of 21st Century!

Many thanks to You(Reliance Communications) for providing me "Idli-Sambar"(I mean food:)) for one and half years.

Happy birthday to birthday boy DhiruBhai Ambani Ji alias business 'Chanakaya' of 21st Century!


Wealth in the form of Cement and Concrete (or any other 'materialistic' form for that matter!) will vanish by wars or nature's disasters like tsunami, earthquake, floods etc.


Wealth that is built of love-filled service to the society or nation (or to the universe in general) cannot be displaced or destroyed by wars or any form of nature's disasters.

Amazingly 'Awesome' Kuchipudi feat at Hyderabad :)

Kuchipudi feat thrills President

Event performed by 2,800 dancers finds its way into Guinness Book of Records

“You have brought laurels to India,” Respected President told the participants.

Read More..

Yours 'Mother Indian' Culturally,

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy B'Day to A.B.V.P ji:)

A great poet..,
Mr.Clean of political field(a great achievement!).,
Bhishma Pitamaha of the party.,!

We wish you a very happy Birthday Atal Ji alias Mr.Clean:)


Merry Xmas 'N' Happy New Year:)

Dear Friends,

Wishing you all a fabulous and fantastic Xmas and new year:)

Here you find more wishes:)


* Song:"Bless me!
Mary Mata!!"

Singer:Famous veteran singer Padma Bhushan Smt P.Leela

Yours Festive-Culturally,

Thursday, December 23, 2010

JANAM DIN MUBARAK Muhammad Rafi Sahab Ji!

A pure honey-coated voice..,
A voice without any noise..,
A divine voice...!

We wish you a very happy birthday Ji:)

Some invaluable 'pearl-like' songs from the divine voice of Rafi Sahab Ji:


(Devotionally philosophical/
Philosophically Devotional)

-Sukh ke sab sathi dukh me na koi
-Ishwar Allah Tere Naam sab ko san-mathi de Bhagawan..
Sara jag teri santan
-Insaf Ka Mandir Hai Yeh
-Brindaban ka krishna kanhaiah

'Patriotic' flowers:
Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan

Romantic Roses:

-Tum Sa Nahi Dekha
-Yeh Mera Prem Patra-
-Pukarta Chala hoon main

Awesome Duets:

-Maang ke saath tumhara

The following songs are dedicated to all Rafi Sahab Ji fans and devotees.

"Invaluable Ship:Friendship!"

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Mathematical Genius alias Math Mahan!

All the students were surprised as to how an ordinary student who had come to Cambridge in England to study from British India dared to find fault with the mathematics of a British Professor of Mathematics Arthur Berry? Berry, who had closely watched the expression on the face of Ramanujan, asked Ramanujan: "It will be good if you can come here to the Black Board to show exactly what I have gone wrong!". As Ramanujan immediately got up from his seat and walked straight to the Black Board from his seat, all other students in the class, clapped rhythmically to the gait of Ramanujan and whistling at the same time heckled with: "Mister Jam! Mister Genius! Indian 'Duck' in Thames River!"

Mathematical Genius

by Dr.K.Srinivasa Rao


Dear Mathematical Genius,(Immortal)living legend of number theory,

We wish you a very happy Birthday!!:)
You always live with us everyday in numbers like '1729=9^3+10^3=12^3+1^3'.

We need your blessings with vitamin M('M' for math) tablets that enhance mathoxygen in our minds!

Mera Bharat Mahan!
Ramanujan math('number'theory) bhagawan!!

With lots 'n' lots of showers and flowers of love,

Fear of Doggies!? Here is a Remedy:)

Several of us have fear of doggies.

Our hero found one creative (dancing) way(instantaneously spontaneous or spontaneously instantaneous:)) to escape from dogs.

If the dog has dance sense, it will allow you to go or it may run away from you:)

Enjoy the comedy clip:)


The above comedy scene is from a telugu movie entitled 'Subhalekha'.
It is one of the movies of my interest for several reasons. One good reason is the movie strongly discourages dowry system which is still existing(most unfortunate!) in our society. There are some awesome characters in the movie to fight against dowry system

A must watch(at least once!) movie.

Want to know more about my most favorite director in Telugu cinema!?

If you have time,I recommend to go through the following blog.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Surya Namaskara

Sun Salutation

Praying the SUN GOD and performing Surya namaskaras is so beneficial for health.
This is highly recommended for students and children.

When I was in Hyderabad (June 2003 to June 2005), our house owner, a grand 'mighty' oldman Sri Visweswara Rao(much like a grandfather) suggested me to perform Surya namaskaras everyday.

Kinldy do not see just the religious flavor,see the multi-benefits for better living.

pUShan EkarShe yama sUrya prAjApatya vyUha rashmIn samUha
tEjo yat tE rUpam kalyANatamam tat tE pashyAmi
- Sri Isha Upanishad

pUshan = Complete one;
EkarShe = Supreme Knowable
yama = Controller of all, also present in the deity Yama (god of death);
surya = a goal or objective for (even) the deities, also present in Surya (god of the sun);
prAjApatya = as being specially obtained by Prajapati or Brahma;
vyuha = extend;
rashmIn = the knowledge of my true nature;
tejah = extrinsic knowledge;
yat = what, that which;
te = your;
rupam = form;
kalyanatamam = of exceedingly auspicious nature;
tat = that;
pashyAmi = I see.



E: Exhale
I: Inhale
R: Retain

The Mantras:

Om Mitraaya Namah
Om Ravaye Namah
Om Suryaya Namah
Om Bhaanave Namah
Om Khagaaya Namah
Om Pushne Namah
Om Hiranya Garbhaaya Namah
Om Mareechaye Namah
Om Aadityaaya Namah
Om Savitre Namah
Om Arkaaya Namah
Om Bhaaskaraya Namah
Om Sri Savitra Surya Narayanaaya Namah

Note: Usually practised at Sunrise, facing the rising Sun. This exercise activates the endocrine system and chakras(the vortexes through which vital life energy or prana is channeled) helping to build strength and flexibility.

A small video on the Sun temple of "Modhera" in Gujarat.

Wellwishingly Yours,

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Youth ICON: Sri Hanuman

శివ దేవుని అంశవు నీవు
ఆంజని దేవి మానస పుత్రుడవు
వాయుతేజోద్భవుడవు నీవు
బ్రహ్మ సూర్యాది మహా మహిమాన్విత దేవతా వర బలసంపన్నుడవు
సకల వేదశాస్త్ర పారంగతుడవు నీవు
సుగ్రీవుని ప్రాణ రక్షకుడవు రాజ్యసంరక్షకుడవు
ఆదికవి వాల్మీకి రామాయణ బ్రహ్మనందభరిత సౌందర్యము నీవు
శ్రీ సీతారాముల భక్తకోటిలో ప్రథముడవు
శ్రీ రామ దూతవు లక్ష్మణ ప్రాణదాతవు సోదరసమానుడవు నీవు
కలి బారి నుండి ఆకలిబాధ నుండి రక్షించే ఆపథ్భాందవుడవు
రాక్షసాధముల వినాశకారివి నీవు
యెన్నని పొగడను నీ శక్తి యుక్తుల నీ సద్గుణముల
శ్రీ హనుమాన్ చాలీసా విరచించిన శ్రీ తులసిదాసునకు
శ్రీరామ సాక్షాత్కరము కలిగించి మహోపకారము చేసిన కరుణాసముద్రుడవు
సదా నీ కృపా కటాక్షాలకై కృపాకటాక్ష వీక్షణాలకై
శత సహస్రాధిక సాష్టాంగ ప్రణామాలతో పాహిమాం!రక్షమాం! అని
వేడుకొంటున్నాడు మానవ మాత్రుడు సాయినాథుడు
నా అఙ్ఞానాన్ని పటాపంచలు చేయ
జాగుసేయక వేగిరముగ దయచేయవయ్యా ఓ హనుమయ్యా !


Siva dEvuni amSavu neevu
Anjani dEvi maanasa putruDavu
vaayutEjOdbhavuDavu neevu
brahma sUryAdi mahA mahimAnvita dEvatA vara bala sampannuDavu
sakala vEda SAstra pAramgatuDavu neevu
sugreevuni prANa rakshakuDavu rAjya saMrakshakuDavu
Adikavi vAlmIki rAmAyaNa brahmananda bharita sowmdaryamu neevu
SrI sItA rAmula bhaktakOTi lO prathamuDavu
SrI rAma dUtavu lakshmaNa prANadAtavu sOdara samAnuDavu neevu
kali baari nunDi AkalibAdha nunDi rakshimchE aapathbhAndavuDavu
rAkshasAdhamula vinASakArivi neevu
yennani pogaDanu nee Sakti yuktula nee sadguNamula
SrI HanumAn chAlIsA virachinchina SrI tulasi dAsu naku
SrI rAma sAkshAtkaramu kaliginchi mahOpakAramu chEsina karuNAsamudruDavu
sadA nI kRpA kaTAkshAlakai kRpA kaTAksha veekshaNAlakai
Sata sahasrAdhika sAshTAnga praNAmA latO pAhimaam! rakshamAm ! ani
vEDukonTunnADu maanava mAtruDu sAyinAthuDu
naa a~m~nAnaanni paTApamchalu chEya
jAgusEyaka vEgiramuga dayachEyavayyA O hanumayyA !

(Many thanks to:
for providing Telugu font)

Jai Chiranjeeva Jagadeka Veera..!
Song dedicated to Sri Hanuman devotees.

Sung by 'Chiranjeevi' Bhuvana Kruthi.
Excellent Talli!!.You have awesome voice.GOD bless you.

Judges: Music directors Koti garu,Ramana Gogula garu &
Popular singer Smt.S.P.Sailaja garu(V.V.S SPB's sister)

Anchor:Indian Idol 2 N.C.Karunya

Bache Bhagwan!

The following song is one of my most favorites and it conveys(essentially) the following:

A Newly born baby's heart is always open and GOD lives there(with infinite degrees of freedom).It's mind has an in-built OS without any virus.

Child's character is filled-with innocence,honesty,purity,love..etc.

Once the baby grows up, so-called 'materialistic' world start 'doping' the heart and mind with 'great' bad qualities(impurities)
viz., jealously,hatredness,ego,anger..etc.

As cloud fades the sunlight, our intelligence is often faded by anger.

Always control your senses(say,for instance, anger) and act towards developing friendly atmosphere.To err is human and to forgive is Divine!

Gradually,as time goes on, GOD disappears(and stay far away in space) from the heart of the grown-up child.This might be the reason(!) why people say
'Uperwala' knows everything!

Preserving that naturally beautiful(or beautifully natural) character thoughout the life is one of the biggest challenges.


Hope you also like the song:)

If so, add to your 'heart' cart:)

Friday, December 17, 2010

An Important Day

A garland made up of flowers of spiritual facts taken from the garden of Upanishads(equivalently,
the essence of Vedanta)
- Swami Vivekananda

The teaching of Gita can keep you away from all miseries
- Gandhiji

The best literature one can think of is Bhagavad Gita.It contains all the 'light' that exists in Sun.By reading it,one can attain endless happiness.
- Sri Balagangadhar Tilak


The following are the 18 names of Gita:


No of Chapters:18

The Guru: Sri Krishna
The Sishya(disciple): Arjuna

The greatest literature brought to the world by
Veda Vyasa Maharshi

Bhagavad Gita:

Written by:Sri Vigneswara (Ganapati pappa moriya:))


I wish one and all,

A very happy * Gita Jayanti and

* Mukkoti Ekadasi/Vaikunta Ekadasi.

Thanking You,


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Little Soldiers

Awesome movie based on two children's life.
One small boy (Master Aditya) and his sister 'little' angel (baby Kavya):)

Good entertainment:)

"Mera Naam Joker..!"


Movie:little ('smart') soldiers
Acting-parents: Ramesh Aravind (popular kannada actor) & Heera
Little soldiers: Master Aditya & Baby Kavya
lyrics: Sirivennela
Joker(song):Celebrated comedian Brahmanandam

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Prayer to Goddess Saraswati

" Yaa Kundendu Tushaara Haaradhavalaa, Yaa Shubhravastraavritha
Yaa Veenavara Dandamanditakara, Yaa Shwetha Padmaasana
Yaa Brahmaachyutha Shankara Prabhritibhir Devaisadaa Vanditha
Saa Maam Paatu Saraswati Bhagavatee Nihshesha Jaadyaapaha......"

Meaning ::
May Goddess Saraswati,
who is fair like the Jasmine coloured moon and whose garland is like frosty dew drops, who is adorned with radiant white clothes and on whose beautiful palm and arm rests the Veena,
those throne is a white lotus, and who is surrounded and respected by the Gods beginning with Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Maheshwar, protect me. I implore Her to totally
remove my laziness and sluggishness.

(*Prayer video from "Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan")

Attention please:

Prayerful request letter below, is meant for Goddess Saraswati present in several temples of Motherindia(thanks to diversity:)); for instance, Basara Saraswati of AP(Telangana), Sringeri Sharadamba of Karnataka etc. :).

My Dear and Respected Goddess Saraswati,

Bless me with knowledge so as to show good performance at my work and make my parents,teachers and friends(hence my beloved MOTHERINDIA) happy.

"Real Happiness lies in making(your 'dear' ones) happy!"

Thanking you,

Yours Devotionally,

Monday, December 13, 2010

Life: A random experiment!

A 'Probability' Perspective.

Life is a random experiment.

- make decisions with insufficient (and sometimes inaccurate!) data

- get the work done with inadequate (and also not so smart) tools

- compromise and accept with less that 100 percent success (or failure:))

- quest for certainty in uncertainty, simplicity in complexity or vice versa

In life, We frequently burst with smiles and laughs for several jokes and enjoy the humour from human brains.
But, life is not a JOKE!

ఓ చిట్టి కూనలమ్మా !


నీ చిట్టి చిట్టి పాదాల
బుడి బుడి నడకలతో
చిరు గజ్జెల సవ్వడితో
చిరునవ్వుల హరివిల్లులతో
నవ్వుల పువ్వులతో
ఆనందపు కేరింతలతో
మా మనస్సులు
పరమానంద భరితములాయె!
ఓ చిట్టి కూనలమ్మా!


December "Legends"

Coming soon!:)

Sri Srinivasa Ramanujan

Sri Mohammed Rafi Sahab ji

Sri Dhirubhai Ambani

Bolo Bolo..
Happy Birthday to the above legends, well in advance:))

Sunday, December 12, 2010

For General Knowledge

Here is my recommendation (website):

You can find some E_books also:)

Please do *NOT* forget to visit Indian history section.


"Knowledge(like 'Love') (is to share) for better life"

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A 'Devotional' Way to Quit Unhealthy Habits!

A 'Devotional' Way to quit Unhealthy Habits!

Devotion is a vital part of Indian culture.This has its roots in the form of customs and traditions of different religions(~flowers) of Mother INDIA.

If there are thousand ways to do bad things, there are thousand and one ways to do good things!

The additional one way is the one transforming all bad ways to good ways.

Devotional way(of 'any' religion) is one of the best ways to quit unhealthy habits.

The above has been witnessing by me since my childhood.

So many people from different states of south India take up Mandala Deeksha(a forty day deeksha) and visit Sabari Mala(Sabari hill of Kerala) God Ayyappa(or Ayyappan).

During Deeksha, every devotee should follow the rules and regulations (like taking bathe with cold water,eating only vegetarian food,sleeping on floor,offering prayers to the almighty daily on.).

At the end of the deeksha, those who have bad habits earlier, gain mental strength to quit their unhealthy habits.

'Makara Sankranti' is the most auspicious day for Lord Ayyappan.And devotees show great interest to visit the temple and see 'Makara Jyothi' on that day.

"Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa!"

The following devotional videos on Ayyappa, describe the above in detail.


More on Lord Ayyappa:

Friday, December 10, 2010

"Aum" : Pulse of The Universe

Guru Brahma..!
Chant again and again.


Aum Namah Shivaya!
A Panchakshara(five-syllables) mantra.
Devanagari(Sanskrit): ॐ नमः शिवाय

More on:


The following video song explains the Mantra with awesome lyrics and classical dance.

Music by M^4 Maestro Ilayaraja.
Lyrics by Sirivennela.
Voice: So special Vani Jayaram & Very Very Special SPB
Dance: Bhanu Priya

Movie: Swarna Kamalam
Director: K.Viswanath

Very Best (Divine) Wishes and Regards,

Indian 'Marriage' Culture

Several foreign countries, (mostly) differentiate India from other countries by culture and fine arts viz., The Vedas, The Upanishads, Epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Mahabhagavata,Bhagavad Gita, Classical music, Dance, on.

Undoubtedly, Marriage is one of the most important and traditional aspects of our culture.
One can write an encyclopedia on Indian(of different religions and regions) marriages.

I like to share some views on marriage-culture in a Hindu-perspective.

* Several decades back, marriage was a 5-day grand event.

Analogous to the 5-year plan in Indian economy, people(bride and bridegroom parents and relatives)
used to make 5-day plan that comprises of several simple events(do not ask me the probabilities!:))
viz., competitions(village-cultural), musical nights (traditional, like Hari Katha,Burra Katha, classical dances etc.,).

Amazing food(Vivaha Bhojanambu:)) preparations(food department plays a vital role to attract crowd:)).

* The core part of the marriage event is, the (Veda) mantras chanted by the priest(The core-event
manager/screen play-direction department).In general, they used to chant mantras for hours during several 'small' sub-events of the core event. People believe that those mantras are so powerful and will make the relationship between the Hero(beautifully decorated Bridegroom-God) and the Heroine(beautifully decorated Bride-Goddess)
so strong.

For decorating the leads(I mean the bride and the bridegroom), several garlands,flowers,chandan,turmeric..etc. are used.

* Some role model couples are:
Sita(or Janaki) & Sri Rama
Parvathi & Parameshwara
Rukmini & Sri Krishna

Marriages of the above couples were beautifully described by great Poets(and Rishis) like Valmiki,
Kalidasa and Veda Vyasa.

The following is a four-and half minute video song that describes the marriage of Goddess Sita and God Sri Rama.The song is so popular in AP to so much extent that, hardly people find marriage video without it.In other words,the probability that finding a Telugu-marriage event without this song is very close to zero.




Story of Archana Kumari

Archana Kumari comes from a small village in one of the poorest and most deprived areas of India, Muzaffarpur district in north Bihar. At age 14, she left school and began earning a pittance doing the traditional sujni embroidery of the area. At age 17, her creative skills came to the notice of a local NGO, Adithi, and a Canadian textile expert, Dr Skye Morrison, who together sent her to NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) on a scholarship.

Despite being handicapped by her lack of English and other academic skills, Archana regularly topped her class at NIFT, won a prize for the Best Design Collection of her year, and has been accepted at NIFT for further studies on her own merit. She says her hand skills and experience of working hands-on in craft have given her an edge over the other students. Her one regret is that the local school did not give her and other children the early grounding that would have empowered them to be both craftswomen and entrepreneurs.


The existence of unique living craft skills, techniques,
designs, and products is India’s great strength, leading to career
opportunities at all levels, not a weakness. This point needs to be
emphasized in the school curriculum, and craft should be taught
as an area of professional expertise rather than as a ‘hobby’.

To those of us now looking at the new millennium and
seeking new directions for India, the potential of crafts and
craftspeople is something to which younger generations should be


“We may be wage earners but we are still walking on someone else’s feet. Because we lack the tools of education and language, we are still dependent.” - Shiva Kashyap, Madhubani Craftswoman, Bihar

“His friends laugh at my son because he helps his mother.”
Rinjani, Embroidery Craftswoman, Indonesia (Dastkar, Threadlines Workshop, 1998)

“Tell me, and I’ll forget. Show me,
and I may not remember. Involve me, and I’ll
- A Chinese Proverb

Heritage Crafts

An Article of my interest, passion..above all LOVE!

Drawn by a passion for dance


They came to Chennai from all over - Russia, Chile, France, Hungary and so on, to learn a classical art form. Read on to find out what it means to them…
they may not be able to make a career out of the classical arts, they all agree that this will always be an important part of their lives. For now, they are enjoying “the big adventure!

Please read full article:

An Example:
One of the basic steps to see positively growing India is
to demolish all pubs
and all wine shops


Replacing them by Indian classical music and dance schools
clinics of laughter therapy,Indian culture awareness camps etc.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Tenth Class English Chapter

When people speak about Pop and Rock stars and dance, I think about several of my favorite dancers,
the 'Mayuris'(I mean Indian classical dancers yaani dancing queens and also gifted actresses) of Mother India.

A brief list is the following:

Padmini and Ragini(sisters)
Vaijayanti mala
Kamala Lakshman
Waheeda Rahman
and several others.

I want to include one more name, a Gifted Bharatha Natyam dancer.She is so special(M^4) dancer because of her unlimited determination and unbounded dedication.

Her name is Sudha Chandran.

We had a chapter on her 'life in dance' which was highly inspiring.

Here you can find two videos, one is about her life, a documentary(PPT style). and the other one is the initial part of the movie "Nache Mayuri".

Yours dancINDIANly,

The above videos can be found on YOUTUBE.
Many thanks to original uploaders!:)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Green School !


After evaluating the research literature, the committee concluded that a green school
with the following attributes would support student and teacher health, learning, and

Dryness: Excessive moisture, which has been associated with adverse health
effects, particularly asthma and respiratory diseases, is not present.

Good indoor air quality and thermal comfort: Ventilation rates, air pollutants,humidity levels, and temperature ranges, which have been linked to human health,learning, and productivity, are effectively controlled.

Quietness: The acoustical quality, which has been shown to affect student learning and the development of language skills, meets the newly released standard 12.60 “Acoustical Performance Criteria, Design Requirements, and Guidelines for Schools” of the American National Standards Institute.

Well-maintained Systems: Building systems are commissioned to ensure that they perform as intended, and their performance is monitored over time. Routine preventive maintenance is implemented throughout a school’s service life.

Cleanliness: Surfaces are disinfected to interrupt the transmission of infectious
diseases, and measures are implemented to help control indoor pollutants that
have been associated with asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Additional green school attributes that should be aspired to include durability,
increased acoustical quality for more sensitive groups, and improved cleaning practices to
prevent the accumulation of allergens and irritants.

Green Schools:Attributes for Health and Learning

Monday, December 6, 2010

"Nectar-filled" Voice!


కుహు ..కుహు ..))
తేనెరాగాల సరాగాల ఓ కోయిలమ్మ
నీ స్వరము లోని సుస్వర మధురిమలు
ఒక్క శరత్ ఋతువు లోనే కాక
ప్రతీ ఋతువున
ప్రతీ రోజు
మా చెవులయందు ప్రతిక్షేపించబడి
హృదయము వరకు ప్రయాణించి
అక్కడే సేద తీరేలా
మా మనస్సులు తన్మయత్వము తో
ఈ జగము ను మరిచి పరవశించి మురిసేలా
అలా ఆ మహదేవుడు శివుడు నీకు వరమిచ్చేలా
కోరుకొంటున్నాము ఓ కోయిలమ్మ


The following song(oriya bhajan) is dedicated to కోయిలమ్మ:)
Voice: Sonu Nigam(Sona/Gold Nigam!:)) et al.

Temple Pixels:
Puri Jagannath

Telecom 'Giant' (Friend): The Telephone


One world
one voice
one heart

No religion
No caste/subcaste
No Language barriers(Hindi,Tamil,Malayalam,Kannada,Telugu etc.)
No Geographical limitations(Delhi,Madras,Calcutta,..etc)
Goes anywhere anytime all the time
Traveling on a pair of wires!

The following video song essentially conveys the above.

Some info:

Grand mother: Anjali Devi
Grand daughter: Little angel Sridevi(Wonderful child artist!)

"Healthy and clean entertainment lies more in children."

Sunday, December 5, 2010


ఇత్యాది కళలు
నవరస భరితం
భగవంతుని అద్భుత సృష్టి
నవరస భరితం
భగవంతుని పై భక్తుని భక్తి
నవ విధ భక్తి సమ్మిళితం
భగవంతుని రూపం సమ్మోహనం
నాట్యం అనంద తాండవం
ఆ దేవుడు ఒక వనమాలి
ప్రకృతే ఆతని ఆలి


A Winter's Article!

Where myths come alive
- Diane Winter Sharma

When I see images of India from outside the country, I ask myself why is it that my heart swells with a strange kind of love ?


Mahabharata and Ramayana, two all encompassing stories have turned the entire subcontinent into a jewelled tapestry of wisdom, mysteries and myths.



Saturday, December 4, 2010

'Love-filled' "waters" matters!!

A question haunted me for several years.

How is it possible to my mother to cook food so tasty?

Without any doubt, to me, my mother is the best cook.


I found an answer when i started cooking during my stay(Jun2007-Dec2008) in Navi-Mumbai.

The answer is the following:

'Love-filled' "waters" matters!!

Not convinced!!?

Q1. How much is the percentage of water on earth?
ans.Water covers 70.9% of the Earth's surface.

Q2. How much is the percentage of water in human body?
ans.60% -70%


The words we speak, the feelings and the intentions we have, can be well captured by water!
Accordingly, the water will get transformed into higher or lower life-energy.
The above is proved scientifically by a Japan scientist Dr.Masaru Emoto by using
a highly sophisticated and powerful camera(!).

He found the following:
when water is placed in a pleasant and love-filled environment,
water molecule structures are found to be in beautiful(flower-like) shapes.(see fig.)

On the other hand, water that is placed in unpleasant environment found to be ...?(fill-up the blanks)

Interested to read further:

Google search:
Rice experiment MASARU EMOTO


"Add love to cooking for energy and taste!"

The above is applicable to, not just water, but to humans in general.(obvious!!just look at the questions at the beginning.)

What to say?

It is the 'Reel' life made me to cry in 'Real' life.
Other such 'invaluable' reels are
"Motherindia(hindi)" and "Matrudevobhava(Malayalam(original)/Telugu)"

Friday, December 3, 2010

Bangalore: (Garden) City of Gardens 'N' Temples

Indian Institute of Science

Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy Temple
- Maha Lakshmi layout

Gayathri Temple
- Yashwantha pura

Maramma Temple
- Near IISc

Sai Baba Temple
- Malleshwaram

Hanuman Temple
- Banasankari

Chowdeshwari Temple
- Mathikere

Radhakrishna Temple
- Sanjay nagar

Hayagreeva Temple
- Near Majestic

Balaji Temple
- Sri Puram

Ayyappa Temple
- Jala Halli

Ranganatha Swami Temple
- Harshina Kunte

Banasankari 'Basavanna' Temple

Lakshmi Narasimha Temple
- Balepet

Durga Temple
- Vidya nagar

Saptaswara Dhyana Mandira

Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple

so on..!

the list is not complete!

Bharath Ki Nari (Devatha)

From 'Poet' to 'Saint' Poet
From 'Layman' to 'Scientist'
From 'Sportsman' to 'Businessman'
Teacher,Engineer,Doctor,Painter,Actor, on!

Great mothers of MotherIndia gave birth to several 'scholars without borders'.

“Yatra naryastu pujyante ramante tatra devatah,
Yatrai tastu na pujyante sarvastatraphalah kriyah”
—Manu Smriti.

"Where women are honoured, there Devas are pleased; but where they are not honoured, there no sacred rite is fruitful.”

The following song from "ladki(hindi)"(or "sangham" in telugu) is dedicated to daughters of MotherIndia ("Bharath Ki Nari Devatha").

Hindi Version:

Telugu Version:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mere Vatan Se Achha..!

Inspiring Video song on Mother India
(classical dance)

Hindi Version:

Movie: Ladki
Dance: Vaijayanthi Mala (one of the queens of classical dance!)
Voice: Lata maa
Lyrics:Rajindra Krishan

Telugu Version:

Dance:Vaijayanthi Mala
Voice:P.Susheelamma(Lata maa equivalent in south)
Music Director: R.S. Sudarsanam

*The film in Tamil(Penn).

Yours lovINDIAnly,

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dance '4' health!

Indian Classical Dance offers
Spiritual, &
Emotional health.

Education should be associated with Indian culture & fine arts.

Like Yoga, Dance is a boon to mankind.

The science of (Indian classical) dance, which is much like Yoga, is based on
the fundamental principles of life, viz., the five elements

- Aakash(sky/space)
- vayu(air)
- agni(fire)
- jal(water)
- prithvi(earth)

The human structure is a miniature form of universe and composed of the five

The secret of good health depends on the balance of the elements within the body
and the imbalance in these five elements causes diseases of the body and mind.

Indian classical dance
- create peace and strength.
- eliminate fatigue and anxiety.
- promote physical and mental health.
- relieve stress,depression and anger.
- calm the mind, sharpen the intellect, and promote love, happiness, prosperity and longevity.

* Reference:

Mudras & Health perspectives
An Indian Approach
Suman K. Chiplunkar


"Say bye-bye to Yo-Yo dance!
and Hai-Hai to Aum-Aum dance!:))"

Sri Krishna leelamrutham

"Alokaye Sri Balakrishnam..!"

*Movie:Sruthi Layalu

*Voice: Vani Jayaram(so special and one of my favorite singers!)

*Data(lyrics):Shri Narayana Theertha's 'Krishna leela tarangini'(

*Dance performance:
Chiranjeevi Shanmukha Sreenivas

Kala Tapasvi K.Viswanath

*Location:Haridwar(temples) of North India