BEee HAPPeeee!!

BEee HAPPeeee!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Brief Intro:

- Universal reverence
- Holy rivers are good examples
- Contribute to geographic and spiRITUAL beauty
- Curative properties- a method of healing


River goddess GaNga:

River goddess GoDaVaRi:

River goddess KaVeRi:
*Idol present at brindavan gardens, Mysore.

River goddesses TRIO:)


A nice song on TalaKaVeRi @ :


Awesome songs on river goddesses GaNga and GoDaVaRi:

* Info.:
-Data(lyrics): Veturi
-Voice(singer) & music: M.M.Keeravani & chorus

* Info.:
-Data: Veturi
-Voice: SPB
-Direction:Sekhar Kammula

Karnataka geoGRAPHic:)

Madikeri chapter

a GREEN feast to eyes:)

Blue L-E-D flower on a green field P-C-B:)

Yellow L-E-D flower on a green field P-C-B:)

Green conductors beautifully designed:)

Greenly green with a 'tick' mark envelope on the sky:)

A wide-sense stationary Army of Trees on Hill:)

A green forest on the hill:)

Eastman color green!!:)

Eastman color green continued!!:)

Foggy clouds are being hugged and kissed by the hills and vice-versa:)

suN maMma good evening!!:) Leaving??

Bye Bye SuN maMma:)

Up and downs, Hills and Valleys..
- Symbols of life philosophy

Diversity in 3D seems Unity in 2D:
The sky, the hills, Tress, Valleys...Merged together:)

Cattle enjoying food at the Hill:)

A tree at the first peak and a concrete-shed at the second peak
just separated by physical distance but not...(fill up the blanks:))!

Life is an integral path:)

True behavior of water

kodagu/Coorg Section

- Abbey Falls

- Mandalpatti

- Raja's Seat

- Bagamandala

- talaKaVeRi

- Dubare

Info. about the places:


Pics courtesy:

Karthik A.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dance mathematically:)

Generate functions by dance:)

Teach math by dance!!:)


A doc.:


A nice song (G-oldie) from my heart 'cart':