BEee HAPPeeee!!

BEee HAPPeeee!!

Friday, April 19, 2013


Health Centre, 
Namma TATA inst.
(Indian Institute of Science), 
Namma Bengaluru
PIN - 560 012


                                                                 **EYE CARE***

Dear All, 

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The Students and the Staff are frequently suffering Ocular Symptoms 
due to watching of Computer 
for long time.  

The Symptoms are like

Blurred distant Vision: Continuous or intermittent

Focusing difficulties

Dry Eye

Burning or itching sensations

Watering of Eyes

Sticky Eyes on waking up from sleep

Double Vision


Light Sensitivity

Driving/Night Vision worsening after computer use etc.,

Those who are having above symptoms will report to the Health Centre to be examined by the experts from 29.04.2013, onwards from Monday to Thursday between
4 to 6 pm for the period of 5 weeks.

Kindly make use of it.

With Regards

Chief Medical Officer


*sincere thanks to:

superb students' student council

"Sarvendriyanam nayanam pradhanam" 

goes the Sanskrit saying. 

It is no exaggeration to say that of all the organs of the human body, the most vital is the pair of eyes.




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