BEee HAPPeeee!!

BEee HAPPeeee!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

party, democracy, values,.. etc

i mean political party


my party is humanity

my party motto is love

my party has passion for service

"service to ALL!
Justice to ALL!"

is Our slogan

my party is built upon compassion and caring



where are those values?

Where are those parties?



by the people
for the people
of the people

Decisions should be made democratically

based on values,
based on *ALL* people opinion  (not based on written letters by a few parties..or by some agitations or something else- meaningless)

**Unfortunately, there is a BIGggg(...) communication gap. A few parties or a few leaders do not represent crores of people (although they are elected by people). ***

Democracy became Dumma-CRY-see..

by many cheating and corrupted polytics (Polytricks) and politicians.


where there is unity and integrity, there is peace.

where there is peace, love, and harmony, there is growth.

where there is growth, there is strength!

where there is strength, there is life!


where there is trust, there is love!

where there is love, there is GOD!

where there is GOD, there is heaven!


To ALL political parties and politicians:

please do remember that P for 'peace' first!

Let us pledge to give a much better india to so many generations to come. .

I am against dividing states.
I do not have hatred or anger on any party or region. India is my love, my heart, my everything.

Already, india is NOT doing WELL economically (woes like 'a rapid fall in the value of the rupee').

First, we need to solve fundamental and most critical problems being faced
by our country.

Nation buiding, country progress are the most important objectives.

I urge GOVT, other parties, and, every citizen of india to focus on those objectives (a strong NO to *divide-and-rule* at least now.)

*If division is compulsory..


Suppose, God wants to create two babies (twins).
He makes two healthy babies in mother's womb itself.


Before dividing places (like states, for ex.),
please make sure that everything is set (built)
at right place
in right time
(like governance, administration, judiciary, comman man needs like water, food, employment, etc.).

Then only take decisions in a peaceful atmosphere.
Justice delayed is justice ungiven.

This makes people psychologically more peaceful and is more convincing. However, this requires lot of patience and homework.

A 4-step process:

*Set teams of experts (Political, economical, social, scitech, etc.)

*Allow them to work on problems and wait till they come up with unbiased and most acceptable solutions

*Make common-man aware of those solutions, get feedback

*Take decisions in peaceful atmosphere

There is a story of an old man planting mango trees.

 When his neighbour saw what he was doing, he said, "Do you think you will live long enough to taste the mangoes from those trees?"

"No, I doubt it," replied the old man. "Then why are you wasting your time?" asked the neighbour. The old man smiled and said, "All my life I have enjoyed eating mangoes from trees planted by others. This is my way of expressing my gratitude to the people who planted those trees." 

jai hind!

jai bharath maa!

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