BEee HAPPeeee!!

BEee HAPPeeee!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

koffee konnexions

*a 'mini' survey on coffee ji!!

*"wiki" ji art.

*better alternatives
(AYUR)vedic coffee/herbal coffee

*All about coffee (an old [e]book)


*All heart coffee mug


*In book titles
(courtesy: A Karthik ji)

The Art of Mathematics
Coffee Time in Memphis


*Koffee ji played imp. role in some films

<....The film primarily revolves around the relationship between father and son....>

*short klip 4m Tamil verzion!

A lot(??) can happen over coffee!!

(expensive! not for me! 
PrakRuthi in our campus is my coffeeday/night!)

*surise Nescafe adz

Thank you coffee ji!

yours admiringly,
sai bbhai.

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