BEee HAPPeeee!!

BEee HAPPeeee!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

REEL FUNtertainment

* In several Telugu movies I watched,
cinema-formula was as the following:

HEro team tease SHEro team & Vice versa.

b4 interval (approximately), they fall in love(??).

After interval a kouple of duets....


KRY-max fight(dishyum-dushyum) with villain & his innocent team

Hero wins..

happy ending..!

All never goes well in Telugu cinema
but finally ends very well (in favor of HEro ji!).

Telugu audience mostly appreciate happy ending.

HEro is like reel god!
SHEro is like reel goddes!

If you have time, watch the following Komedhee scene(s)



yours reel-FUNtertainingly,
sai bbhai.

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